Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Restoran Rasa Sayang, kelana jaya

Today's dinner at Kelana Jaya's Restoran Rasa Sayang, i might have been here before long time ago, i could not remember. but thanks to joanne, we got a chance to try something new and worth the price. Joaane has been "Selling" this place to for some time now, kept saying we should come here for makan after gym, did not make it last Tuesday , so we decided to make it today! Lorraine took us there with a short cut, had to made a very salah illegal right turn some more, freak me out. but its all wort hid. as its actually not hard to get there is you use LDP. just turn in after you see caltex, go straight and turn left again and it will get you there.......i guess:P something like that.

as you can see we are very happy:) love this picture below. JOanne actually reach there first so she ordered the special dish that is a must have. but this is the first time all of us trying this steam fish, and oh my, was it good! BEFORE......

AFTER.........i have sin again.......the must have marmite ribs

claypot tofu

all in, 4 dishes, 4 rice, and 1 coke cost only Rm54.80! And joanne bought us dinner! we wanted to pay her back but she asked us to keep the money and don't insult her:P so thanks alot mama joanne!!!!!!you are an angel!


Joanne said...

Aiyo.. y so hak hei wan??? Small matter lar, importantly u guys enjoyed the food and we enjoyed each other's company :) nice photos!

Adrian said...

Didn't ask me along!!! HOW DARE YOU GUYS!!! :p

Su-Yee said...

come come come back from babu babi!