Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sauna Prawns @ Ah Yat Restaurant and Supper Buffet

Alfee brought us to ah Yat restaurant at subang industrial area for dinner. He introduce us a must have - Sauna Prawns and we had the chance to witness the making.....

1) a steaming hot wok, Live prawns and a glass of beer.

2) dumb live prawns in steaming hot wok with beer. sorry prawnies! 3) is less than a minute, DONE! This dish is at RM33Fried prawn paste
Steam fish at only Rm18.90

all dishes above cost us RM100 sharp. including rice and drinks. on the gurl below is fennie our member, also PEggy(BC) cousin. Just found out during dinner just now:) welcome to the gang!

straight after dinner alex had to head for a seminar at PJ Hilton, and so i tag along and settle myself at the hilton's cafe. decided to go for RM28 Supper dessert buffet.....yes....omg, cant believe i did that. Need cardio tomorrow!

Have a great weekend ahead peeps!!

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foon said...

hahaha,enjoy with u gays so much,coz all is sek kar gang,n i so enjoy to EAT!EAT!EAT....