Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wellness Massage Taipan

the last time i went for massage was about 6 months ago at Taipan. The massage was good but i woke up feeling extremely dizzy. hence i gotten abit phobia. This time round with the recommendation of Frances(gym member) i try another massage at Wellness Massage center also at Taipan ( same row as Guardian, just beside bee's cake house). sorry guys, its only open for ladies. They charge RM60 fort 1 1/2 hours and Rm50 for 1 hour. i told Kak Yuna, about my bad experience and she say i should not worry. She will know how to do it. So we started with my face down, did the normal massage routine. As kak yuna ask me to flip over to face up, i started to develop slight dizziness. She says its normal. something to do with the blood flow. SO then i flip over to face up and she did some other massage routine. Lastly, which was the best part she finish with a head massage, then she ask me to seat up and suddenly out of no where, wrap a super hot towel around me! OMG! i was sooooo awake after that! feels great! Then the other best part came, i was served hot ginger tea......woohoo. must try ladies! At least i don't feel dizzy :) call them at 03-56389590


Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yee,
I love massage, I've been to Wellness Massage many times. I know Kak Yuna. Today, I google the word "wellness massage" if they have a website for me to lodge a complain. I'm very upset with them due to bad customer service in other branches near Pelangi Damansara (not Taipan). I hope you do not promote so much about Wellness Massage in future.


Su-Yee said...

i think there is a number to call, you can alwasy ask them for their PIC number. it is unfortunate that you have been treated unprofessionally. but i have no such problem in taipan and i believe by relating this to their PIC will help them improve. no comment on damansara branch, i din know there is a branch there anyway. perhaps not let one bad experience upset u. try taipan branch next time!