Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adrian and Shao Yi's big nite!

Started the day with Q2 launch, (pics to be up on FB soon i hope) then at the end of the day, rush to take bath, make up.......thanks again to Celest for she really is a great make up artist, its not her full time job, just one of her passion. haha......all FOC. SO we arrived just on time! last call before the dinner starts! and the bride and groom walk down the aisle , so happy for them!!!!!! the dinner was filled with more than 3 tables of instructors and members. it was like an awesome mini gathering. Food was good, setting was great, the jazz band even got us singing when they sang a famous hokkien song " ai piah jia eh eia". So, kudos to PJ Hilton and thanks to Adrian and SY for this wonderful evening. oh i love this picture, it was taken randomly yet i think it looks really studio and all of us are like a stage play character no?

and as usual, some expected unexpected happened, too many tongue came out"P.

all the BC instructors, cant help combating even in dinner wear.

nothing but laughter all evening!!!!!!!!!
sneak peak on the launch pic

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