Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kokopelli Traveller's Bistro Section14

While fetching simone home from Delon's wedding on sunday, we pass by a terrace house turn bistro, simone told me their signature dish its actually char kuey teow hence we decided to give it a try today. Place is really welcoming and cozy - its call KOkopelli Traveller's Bistro. Do call to reserve as they have merely 12 tables there. apart from char kuey teow which is awesome! their other 2 signature dish are lasagna and lamb shank.

can you see the "roots curtain"? nice!

This new age mocktail is call Fly me to the moon(The Blue) which consist of pineapple juice, combination of monin syrup. one of their signature. and its a real good thrist quencher! price at RM7.90

Classic mushroom soup with fresh mushroom, portobella, swiss brown and white button. RM10.90
and this is the very famous char kuey teow!for Rm10.90, its a little but spicy but that what makes is taste great. the kuey teow are soft and smooth, simply ichiban.
Seafood pasta RM20.90

french onion soup was great. cheesy. recomended.

cappucino lacks coffee aroma . very blant

creme brulee

i did enjoy the banotoffe pie


simone said...

Hey Su Yee, it's at Jalan 14/46. 11/2 was their previous location :)

Visu said...

Hai there, I really like your review, on behave of, we have the above review posted on, let me know what do you think...


Su-Yee said...

dear visu, sure its my pleasure

ClumSy Chic said...

Very nice place to dine!! Must check is out~~ By da way, very nice blog u have^^

food venturer said...

I was not impressed at all with the quality of the food there. Had dinner there the other day with my friend and we tried a few dishes, non of them convinced me in terms of taste, portion size or price.

Tomato Soup: first thought we got the wrong order, it tasted very flat and the fact that it looked like curry lakhsa didn't help either.

Cesar Salad:
Also quite tasteless and i could finish the rm15 portion with 4 bites.

Roast Chicken:
Was about as tender as an old turkey and since i only got a teaspoon of mash and vegetable on the side i had to chew through the bird to feel halfway full.

Stuffed potatoes:
My friend defiantly made the worst choice of the evening by ordering the potatoes. Dry minced meat on a potato the size of an egg. Reminded me of my Grandma's WW2 stories... (if you want to taste a great stuffed potato go to Ceylon Bar on Changkat BB).

Overall the ambiance was ok, nice house and garden but the concept was nothing new to me a mix of Palate Palette and Delicious. The service was slightly below average, was hard to get the waiters attention and also the order of starter and main got mixed up which doesn't fail to annoy me in whatever restaurant its happening. The drinks were tasty but also on the pricey side. Lucky the ss2 foodcourt is on the way home, at least we made it to bed without starvation.

Su-Yee said...

hi food venturer. i love their ambiance. and fried kuey teow. but the food was serve really really slow