Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For adoption

we saw her wondering around our apartment car park few days ago. She is about 6-8 months old, very friendly, we were surprise that she even knows how to take simple command such as Seat, hand, roll over..... If we could we would keep her. Please help me spread the word, please help her find a home.


Newrotichic said...

Is she lost?? Very rare stray dogs know commands..Poor gal

emelda said...

aiyo woman she is soooo pretty and lovely! I want her if i can have her in apartment...sigh :( i hope she will get good home.

Su-Yee said...

vera, i am not sure, but no sign of anyone findin a dog.

yes mel, she is such a doll! u will love her!

please help me spread the word.