Sunday, November 4, 2012

Private kicthen - Damansaua Uptown

saw a few review ont his place and so decided to give it a try. heard that chef has been working in hong kong for about 16 years and decided to introduce authentic hong kong cuisine to malaysia


tzi wing coffee- import from HK. taste was good for me

tea was nice too. just a lil sweet for me but maybe its hong kong style

spring roll was okay comfort food for munch

most review state that soup of the day is a must try and they were right.. soup was sweet and filled with ingredient.

this one was beef in strawberry sauce also highly recomended by most blogger. beef was tender and juicy . sauce was special.

olive fried rice was simple. and non of the aroma was over powering all was well match. sea food was fresh

vegetable in soup was nice. i like this one.

typhon shelter tiger prawn was okay for me

forgot the name of this vegetable but was nice. just that i personally dont like vegetable with pork:P

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