Thursday, November 29, 2012

Garibladi Bangsar Village I

voted kl time out magazine best italian retaurant for 2012 makes me curious to try out their dishes. downstairs at Garibaldi bar serve slightly cheaper food and also pizza. upstairs at the restaurant you have more pricy meals and truffels. i do enjoy the cozy environment upstairs especially the unique lighting as seen in the above picture.
complimentary bread stick. was normal.  did not get to pour the vinegar and olive oil as when we ask for a plate, one of the senior crew said wait for the bread to come there is vinegar there. something like that i assume. he is an italian so i cant quite understand his english.

complimentary bread. bread was just okay for me. not as amazing as favola spicy bread. balsamic vinegar was not strong enough for my liking.

complimetary salmon tatar was nice. i enjoyed this one

generally pasta here was priced slightly cheaper than il lido and Favola.  above is  Gnocchi - potato dumplings with walnut and gorgonzola cheese sauce. was pleasant.

veal ravioli with porcini mushroom cream sauce does not look appetizing. veal and mushroom sauce taste fine but pasta had a harder texture. i enjoy favola pasta the most as its chewy and tender. as for il lido, only pasta made by chef andre is excellent.

tender loin beef with baked stuffed roma tomato and eggplant puree was nice. i enjoyed the sunflower seed  complimentaing the beef

at last it was tiramisu. i had to battle to order this dish. first the italian crew did not allow me to order. so its like a custom we need to finish our main course first then only order dessert. iw anted to order earlier as i dont want to keep thinking about it, or just incase it ran out of stock and the fact that it was close to "last order" timing, i did not want to miss it. the crew insist i cannot order, untill i insist letting me place an order first:P.  this one is best for the night. must have.

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