Monday, November 26, 2012

Komugi Mid Valley

stumble upon this newly open pastry shop, a franchise originally from japan i suppose. interesting seelction of pastry but operation was just messy at the cashier. hope they inprove soon.

selection at cakes section

cheese toast is nice. crispy on the side of the bread, fluffy soft on the bread, and creamy rich cheese on the inside. recommened

non alchocol tiramisu was normal. like any other decent tiramisu available. no compplain yet nothing to shout about

crema. pastry was crispy and thin. cream is fresh.

there were a couple of different selection such as apple, mango for this range. looking colorful on the outside, i choose pumkin. it was not good. bread was rough , feels like its been there for 2 days. pumkin fillings was notrmal

half baked cheese cake is recomended. fluffy , tasty and rich. recommended

i dont quite remember this sponge cake name but its one of komugi's signature. i think its call chocosand? this chocolate version is really delicious and not too sweet at all. must have.

green tea was a tad too sweet

dont remember the name but i start with Maro and nuts i think. sorry about that but it was good. especially after toast.
garlic bread, cranberry lemon bread, red velvet bread amd tomato bread. tomato bread is excellent.

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Moonirah said...

i went to komugi this afternoon. they have more hard breads than soft ones (very hard for my mum to dig in) . wanted to try the tomato loaf but maybe some other time.