Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bistro a Table - Section 17

heard alot obout this place, decided to give it a try today. serving French food by talented Isadora Chai. which holds degree in markeiting, bio chemical and bio technology.

interior is cozy

simple but classy and comfortable

first entree to come was signature coddled egg with maple syrup, courton dust and fleur de sel. special savory and sweet

mushroom risotto with truffle and cheese was delicious. rice was purposely made to be a little harder than risotto from other restautant. a nust have

Cannelloni of seared scallops & school prawns in lobster bisque & Indonesian black nut tapenade from bistro a table was nicely present but not my fav. Felt that its somehow not fresh. Don't take my words , cos maybe I just don't like the taste .

another must have but only available after 9.30pm and needs about 27min. ( as they only have 1 oven) , i was lucky , need nto wait till 9.30pm as there was not much customers today . Ode to Newton is a candied ginger souffle served with pure tahitian vanilla bean creme anglaise with an accompaniment of warm ginger beer and cinnamon & nutmeg ice cream on a lemongrass ice hemisphere. this dessert plays on the oscillation between antti gravity and graviti.

as you eat the gravity defying light souffle, the warm ginger beer gradually melts the ice hemisphere. thus by the time you have finished eating your warm dessert, the cold componentsitting on the glass would have fallen into the beer(gravity). and the ice cream quickly floats to the top of the liquid(anti gravity) to form an updated ginger beer spider float:)

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