Wednesday, January 4, 2012


a friend recomend me this must try chips coated with choc. though royce has been around in malaysia klcc for quite some time, i have never thought of buying it, well untill now. Price at RM45 per box, its sinfully nice . I would not go over the top for this. I still prefer chips and chocolate on its own. but other than that, chips are made perfectyl without feeling too salty. Chocolate are coated evenly. Each bite is delicious. I am looking forward to try their NAMA chocolate where its said to be melt in your mouth. So far i do enjoy GODIVA Chocolate.other display chocolate

Next is their famous NAMA chocolate.
A Japan product - Royce NAMA chocolate. Bitter with Hennessy . Storage temperature 10c and below. Shelf life 1 month. Moisture level 17-18%. One that melts is your mouth . Fresh cream made from Hokkaido milk and liquor is 1/4 of the total ingredient . Comes with a cooling back and dry ice pack .

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Hi Su Yee,

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