Sunday, January 8, 2012

Putien - 1 utama

Putien - a SIngapore franchise has made is debut at one utama. we were there at their 3rd day of opening. all staff are welcoming. only downside is some of their signature dish is finish on the afternoon session and they do not have enough time to re prepare for the evening session. The restaurant is open10am- 10pm. But when we reach at 5.15pm, they claim that side dish can be prepare but they will only prepare the mains at 5.45pm. (must have for me is their spinach with century and salty egg and lor mee)

 A look at the interior.

their famous spicy mom chilli without MSG and freshly made. I love it. First you get a spicy sensation in your mouth then its sour and spicy.

sweet and sour pork with lychee above was ok for me. I felt if can be more crispy. Lychee does blend well with the pork. below potato ball is ok. the filling was generous.  it is not the crispy type.

abalone is fresh
FOC Heng Hwa bee hon inconjunction of their opening. Not bad. the selling point for me that its home cook. below soup with prawn, i love the chewy texture of the prawn. soup for me is too winery.
Below 2 dishes is a must have . Spinach with century and salted egg yolk. This one is delicious! i love the salted egg yolk broth. Lor Mee taste simple and fresh. noodles is chewy. grandpa and grandma would love it too!

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