Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Antipodean - Bangsar

located ebside la bodega, voted one of the best new restaurant (KLUE) 2011, read alot of postive review.  So here I am. Do read the caption on the food in my "must have" list.
Below Antipodean meaning credit to kampungboycitygal blog.
Antipodean – pronounced “an·tip·o·de·an” (adj)means
(1) coming from or relating to Australia or New Zealand
(2) Ancient Greek: anti “opposed” pous

Menu on the wall . love the concept. service was good . I would probably suggest their air condition to be improved.

Iced MOcha was just ok for me. I think it needs more ice

on the other hand i absolute love the FLat white. a must have

Ice Cappuccino

Indonesian Coffee. Awesome choice i guess, since i love their coffee.

this has brown is a must have as well. freshly made. by far the best i have tasted. in my MUST HAVE list.

french toast with bacon was ok. my vote still goes to "the red bean bag" for their almond french toast.
picollo latte with mo hawk!

Crossoint with bacon and scramble egg is refreshing. Crossoint is moist and tender

the next day, yes the very next day, i went back to try their PIcollo Latte. ANd it was all  worthid. just the way i love it. its bitter yet its sweet at the same time. i love it. in my MUST HAVE list.
BUrmese thai chicken salad was a clean and healthy meal. apart from its over acidic  caramelize garlic.
The Big Breakfast. I like the Bread and as usual, the hash brown!
Beef BUrger!!!! Bun is soft, Patty is moist, fries is solid and not oily. cant ask for more for RM20. but if you are willing to pay an extra Rm20, just minutes away, head to "The Daily Grind" for their BUrger. is Yums.
Smoked Salmon with Omelette. A healthy choice.  
Pumpkin and corn fritters with Bacon. I can do without the bacon.  I like the slightly burn and crispy skin.  I also enjoy as its not thick and its filled with loads of corns. the texture reminds me of a Chinese fried food , the one with a prawn in the middle. 

Cafe Bicerin is awesome. espresso, chocolate and freshly made cream. .you can either stir it to drink it hot,  or leave it as it is, and you have a cold on top, hot at the bottom . just like vanilla ice cream paired with hot brownie. (Must  Have)
GInger Crush - love the texture of the biscuit. Ginger melts in your mouth. I scrap the ginger off after a few bites as its too sweet for me.
you wont want to muss raisin load. filled with raisin, not sweet at all and its fluffy. (Must have)
a huge coffee roaster behind.
overlooking the kids play room
Thai Beef Salad is nice too!
i absolutely love this grilled chicken in balsamic vinegar. simply perfect and healthy
Paprika chicken with green peas is another healthy choice
deng salmon with chickpeas and grill veg is superb!

 Beef kebab is a yums! i would also recommend this dish. Beef is tender and moist. couscous with rasin is just so easy to chew , what an amazing texture. ( Must Have)

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