Monday, January 2, 2012

Canoodling - Bangsar Village II

Here is another creation from The Big Group. Serving NOODLESSSSS ( in my must have list is the spicy dark noodle)set up is simple and invitingthere is also crayon and paper for you to show your artistic sidefried egg plant with chilli chicken floss is quite good. i have always like chicken flossthe canoodle oodles of noodles- greyhound thailand inspired complicated noodles with stacks if iceberg lettuce leaves & coriander, marinated minced chicken in dark soy & coriander root, plus steamed silken rice noodle sheets, each served in its own bowl with a spicy coriander garlic sauce; to eat, assemble into little parcels and share as you please. I really enjoy the texture of the rice noodle sheets.Red Curry Duck Confit Noodles - charcoal noodles topped with thai styled red curry lychees,finished with a whole crispy duck leg & fresh basil. I absolutely love the texture of the noodle. its so chewy. Curry is just nice and not too spicy and duck texture is really smooth. Braised Beef Brisket Noodles. I did not eat this one but tried the soup. was not bad . perhaps a little salty for my liking. I do enjoy the carrots.Dan Dan Mien - handmade noodle tossed in peanut buttery spicy szechuan sauce with marinated chicken. Though this dish is highly recomended in othe blogs, it was just bland for me. Noodle texture was too wet for my liking. The spices and aroma was not outstanding.Thob Tim Korb. For Rm8.90, this is a really huge bowl. and its lovely.

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