Monday, January 16, 2012

Isetan Food Market KLCC ( Fugetsu, Uohei, Aoi Tei, Senya, Petite Sucre, Bites Quickie, Chez Recamier, Cafe Gino)

Sunny sunday and today's mission was to try out the yums in Isetan Food Market.

First up was Fugetsu Okonomiyaki. Rm18 comes in either beef, chicken, prawn or cheese and corn. I picked Beef. it was one of the best i ever had. tho the sauce and mayo was a lil sweet for my liking, everything else was juicy . I love it. ( on my must have list)

Next is Uohei. The mega size rm10 my favourite Scallop. ( this will be in my must have list) I ate 3stick!

Then it was Tamaruya with skewers, choose from 4 different sauce.

Chicken Katsu from Aoi Tei. Was just ok for me. 

You can also head towards the non halal butcher for more meat. Both are good

then there was another counter selling the above skewers. it was horrible. the beef were too hard to chew. absolutely a turn down

Lunch i head towards Senya, read from other blog , Senya is own by a famous chef which has worked in a Restaurant in Sydney. I have only tried their chicken teriyaki Don, was ok, chicken is tender. MIso soup is nice. i wanted to try the gyu don but it was not available. that was a big turn down for me.

head over to the desert section and you get loads of sugar! 

tried their best seller - tiramisu. nothing to complain about, just its a typical  tiramisu  i have tasted in many other desert shop

creme brulee was was nicely presented but was really too sweet for me

i like the packaging!

At rm5.90 Mont Blanc was actually good. i like it because its not sweet.

and their best seller 5 layer cake, was too dry for me

i have not try the above 2 shops desert. overloaded with sugars already.

then we head over to Cafe Gino for hot and iced turn out well. coffee was to a bitter side, which is how  i like it. Match Cappuccino is awesome

this was just another service i like about Isetan:)

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