Friday, January 20, 2012

Bubbles - Bangsar

Using tea leaves from Cameron Highland, here is a  bubble milk tea house located at bangsar telawi. I like that they serve local flavours like iced milo, teh tarik and Durian Milk Tea. I tried the Durian one and really at RM4.90 per  cup, there is not much to ask for.its really a decent cup of drink. not overly sweet. Barista is friendly and takes time to explain to you different types of drinks. I added Yogurt Pearl, its was good! Similar to Ochado Pop Eggs, except this one is better. it pops out yogurt flavour.

the white one is yogurt pearl

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Anonymous said...

Bubbles uses the highest quality Cameron Valley Tea in their drinks. For an authentic highland tea experience - you should check out Cameron Valley Tea Bangsar, just up the road from Bubbles. It's the first casual dining out for Cameron Valley in KL and has the best strawberry teh tarik! oh and scones and cream too.