Friday, December 7, 2012

RAW (Real and Wholesome) - Wisma Equity

located opposite klcc, from outside building looks run down. but its a different story on the inside. despite located at the city center, ambience here is just calm and noice free. even the customers here keep their voice low.

by Michael Wilson co owener and coffee roaster, RAW roast their own beans.

when ask why they do not provide packet sugar along with our order, barista said they try to discourage people from taking sugar. bravo!!!!

about the beans, claim to be one of finest quality and more expensive beans. and how a skilled barista is equally important.

assorted pastries and desserts

penne in mushroom is awesome. despite healthy,  i think they actually grin it with fresh mushroom to make the sauce. its very tasty.

humus with eggplant and capsicum is a must have! its really good!



cheesecake was great

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