Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers - Mid valley

In year 2006 , their very 1st branch open at ...Gangnam! Here today for their grand opening and ...50% off total bill ! crew were helpful and friendly.

complimentary corn tea. how nice and thoughtful it is in such a nice flask?

half way through the meal, we were served complimentary plum tea. very nice.


complimentary! love the vege.w as fresh . on the plate is chille and salt.

complimentary side dishes

finally not complimentary. but every food item today, inconjunction of their grand opening, as mention, its 50% off the bill! this is Bulgogi brothers special 400gm of unyang and gwangyang style bulgogi. did you know the bread on the plate was used to clean the grill pan? interesting.

Seoulsik bulgogi - sauce made with apple and pear, served with glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, leeks and onions.

this one was my favourite. spicy and sour and so appetizing . Kimchi jjigae- korean stew made from spicy kimchi paste, tofu, rice cake and sliced beef brisket. a must have.

Janchi guksu, known as the "party noodles: in korea, heard that it was serve inconjuction of birthday and other important occasion, served in seafood broth and garnished with lots of vegetables. light & clear.

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