Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gastro Sentral & Latitude 03 Le Meridian KL

after 2 months of renovation Le Meridian KL welcome Gastro Sentral. open MOnday - thursday 11am to 12 am and friday- sunday 11am to 1 am. with Breakfast Menu from 11am-5pm and also other all day menu. design was sleek and comfortable.

for me this complimentary rosemerry bread is a must have . and it is the best dish actually, out of the other dishes i tried.

cappucino was a tad too milky . normal.


Gastro Sentral Le meridian present: Country kampung chicken terrine with gherkins, pickled onions & grilled baguette. Was okay for me .

Maltagliati which is roughly cut fresh pasta wirh lamb ragout and pecorino cheese was a little salty for me. Pasta was ok.

Burger Sentral- finest charcoal grilled 220g black angus beef burger Montery pepper jack cheese , pico de gallo, shredded lettuce , chit pole aioli , jalapeƱo , toasted sesame bread , pear celery straw , cheesy steak fries. I tasted the patty , still prefer Tray Cafe's more :)

Caesar salad with skirt steak and Romanian hearts , shaved Parmesan & brioche bar. I tried the steak . Was tender & easy to chew :)
Latitude 03 serves cakes, chocolate, macarons, pastries, coffees and milkshakes , other drinks.

creme brulee latte sounds interesting but result was quite normal. crew were friendly and helpful.

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