Thursday, December 6, 2012

NOSH - Bangsar

NOSH by Ann Lee and Judith Sakata located at Telawi 3

this is the 3rd resutaurant that i saw uses this quote.

interesting basin

Pesto Basilico : ribbons of homemade pappardelle in a basil pesto sauce topped with roasted pine nuts & Parmesan shavings with grilled chicken . I enjoyed this dish. must have.

Pollo Nel Curry : a fusion of asian flavours interfused with Italian ingenuity ; home made strozzapreti, pasta strands with spicy curry chicken pieces . this dish is really special. must have.

first bite was weird. second bite was feeling comfortable. then you just have to resist eating it. It has brown sugar inside . its lovely. must have.

unfortunately tiramisu was a dissapointment. it actually tasted a lil rotten. maybe its suppose to be this way. but not my type of tiramisu

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