Thursday, August 2, 2012

my Burger Lab sea park

went there 3 times and it was sold out before closing. and finally on the 4th time. word of advice. arrive when they open thats at 5pm. open from 5-11pm , close on monday. i tried arrive on 8.20 and it was sold out already. burger are made from 100% grass fed beef. if you want a lower carbs, ask for lecttuce wrap instead of bun.

A+ is awesome!
shroom shroom shroom is supern too. vege burger. only mushroom!
hash brown was given free to me as they forgot to key in the order.
spicy hawaian chicken was nice!
beef A+. but today's special is A++. nice!

if you do not want the bread, ask for lectuce wrap instead. no sauce and cheese, i go for shroom shroom shroom and add a chicken patty

this is call "beautiful mess"

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