Thursday, August 30, 2012

CHawan Bangsar

friend told me teh tarik and keropok lekor is a must try. so i decided to give it a go

kemaman coffee. its me, i am so far not a local coffee fan.

teh tarik was normal. no complain

keropok lekor was good. and so is the sauce. it just does not get me jumping up and down or must go back to eat again

roti bakar was a decent one. no complains

ayam berempah was ok. a lot of review says it was superb. maybe my expectation were too high

i do however enjoy nasi tomato . its really fragant. this one i would go back for

nasi kerabu was blant. chicken was cold. not good.

ayam rendang was ok to me. nothing to shout about

sambal sotong was ok

different type of local coffee

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