Monday, August 13, 2012

Artisan Roast Bangsar Village

just 3 days in operation, its my first encounter with Artisan Roast although this is not their first branch.

i was looking for my usual cappucino and is lable under white coffee
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set up is nice.

this is red  latte. red as in rooibos tea , so instead of using coffee, tea is used. and its decaf. not my cup. i find it blant. taste like teh tairk.

mocha wise, taste intersting unlike other mocha. somehow it tasted "zen" to me.
afogato was not bad. bitter coffee taste the way i like it
hot chocolate was blant to me. hot shots and solaris taste better

capuccino was good

signature cheese cake is sinfully delightful

sugar rush! with mint and dark choco. and the next one is caramel. i was trying so hard not to eat all of them!

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