Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yellow Cab Pizza

was watching a TVBdrama and they had pizza in it. suddenly alex says he also wants to eat pizza. so we called Yallow Cab(The New York way) at Taipan. First time ordering. dint know what to go for, we ordered FOUR SEASONS ( A combination of 4 diff types of pizza together) - NY Classis(Beef pepperoni)/#4 Cheese(cheese heaven with mozzarella,cheddar,romano & feta)/Anchov Lovers(Black olives,anchovies,capers,roasted garlic,mushrooms and onions)/Roasted Garlic and Shrimp(Shrimp,onions,roasted garlic in butter sauce) RM28.60 for a 10". since we order by phone, the below picture on of YellowCab Bike is from KLUE mag.

Generous portions only that its abit salty. not sure if other branch taste the same. i i have wrote to them to comment. for more info visit


ahhou said...

Pizza with ikan-bilis? Hhhmmm... not sure if it works. But it looked quite a bit of cheese right there.

Su-Yee said...

yeah, at first i was like ikan bilis? but when u taste it, its ok wor. the cheese part is no problem. looks alot but taste just nice. just that i htinkt he chef put a little bit too much salt.

TrippyT said...

Seems interesting, a new pizza house? It's relatively normal to have anchovies in pizzas, italians love having them in their pizzas. Meh, I'd so like to have emm, where/when its cheap back homee.!

NeWrotichic said...

They have this in KL rite?? Didnt know there' s one in Taipan already.

Anchovies are quite a popular choice for a topping on pizzas laaa ...But i've yet to try it yet. Prob its an acquired taste here as well.

Those anchovies in the tin cost a bomb!!!

Joanne said...

how is it ah? better than domino's? how's the price? say for a regular?

Su-Yee said...

hey joanne, diff type diff price. just click on the photo of the menu. it will enlarge. about RM25? average.

taste was not bad. i do not eat dominos often. but i think domino is thinner. but yellow cabe tickness is just nice aswell.