Friday, February 6, 2009

Grand Imperial - Bangsar Shopping Complex

Aunty Ai lian from singapore came to KL yesterday. Hence we had lunch with aunty ai lian and her hubby uncle Lee, Uncle Fong, Yee Mei sis and mom at Grand Imperial Restaurant just now at Bangsar Shopping Complex. This restaurant was only months old. Mango with pamelo

almond with green tea

Lot T5,3rd Flr,BSC East Wing.

No.285,Jalan Maarof,

Bukit Bandaraya,

Bangsar,59000, KL.


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Anonymous said...

Rm 70 for a Grouper with ginger that only had head, tail and a bit of coriander leaves in the middle, instead of the fillet is an immorality. A grouper medium size for 2 pax could weight between 650g to 800g. Ours, at least was worth 150g. As a Chef that cooks everyday, I would not tolerate these kind of events. Next time, make sure that your European customers are not food critics. Your luck may start suffering the price of lies!!!