Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taishi Japanese Restaurant-USJ 9

this is where we had our valentines day dinner. at USJ 9, minus all the traffic jam and parking woes.price was reasonable too! their cheapest bento range from RM10.80 only. Taste wise is ok la, i thought the fish could have been fresher. From Raya to deepavali, xmas, new year, cny, thaipusam, all these hols, and now valentines, kinda not so excited anymore. too much holidays i guess. alex wanted to get me flowers, i say no need la, RM150 for what, better use the money to pay bills:) actually i was thinking about mom and glad that she has arrive USA safely:)
so hows your valentines?


Jaime said...

Hi, may I know if you have the contact number of this restaurant? Or if it's still in operation?

Su-Yee said...

sorry jaime i dont:)i will write down restaurent number in future ya:)