Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penang Food : Piknik , China House, Toon Loong, Sukothai

i love love love this very cozy cafe with lovely food.

they put the bill inside this box for us

absolutely adore this salmon waffer! fresh! minus the mayo

Salmon puff is delicious and fresh!

this is china house. also knows as kopi cine last time before they shifted to this new venue. it was a really long house divided by  a couple of section. the cafe, fine dine, private room, outdoor, garden, art gallery , wine cellar and pub. all in a straight row. the house it just so deep inside.

the cafe. you actually enter from beach street and come out the other end at victoria street

table full of cakes

fine dine area

entrace to pool area

pool area




pub lounge area

rosetted plum with black berries. too sweet for me

tiramisu with khalua. not bad. alexis had better.



beef ribs with sweet potato , salad. the beef is quite blant eaten by itself. it has to go with the potato or veg

prawn salad is yums!

amm all time favourite must have  - nasi padang transfer road. at a chinese old style coffee shop call toon loong. its kopi ice is worth all the way there just for a heavenly taste. nasi padang, their squit and beef is oh so tender! and best of all, not spicy. just the way i like.

next, let me introduce sukhothai at burma road. authentic thai food own by thai owner. i adore their beef noodle, durian sticky rice and mango stick rice. squid with garlic is very good too.

light house coffee's tiramisu is fantastic
also from all right steak house at pulau tikus is Rm17 yummy chicken chop
a cuppa from famous café light house coffee. more to the milky side.
hameepatah mee sotong at explanade tasted superb. tho a lil on the salty side. from Rm4-6
here is hamee pata mee sotong. with coconut shake from the next stall. awesome!
Bangkok lane mee sotong is one of my must have. all time favourite
less than rm20 for a superb quality steak at pulau tikus all right steak restaurant



Jiayee said...

Cani ask which cafe you actually prefer ;)? Piknik or china house is better ? Nice bloggie :)

Jiayee said...

Can i know which cafe is better :)? Piknik or chinahouse ? Nice blog :))

Su-Yee said...

both totally diff. both worth a visit. if have to choose one..china house.

JJzai said...

Going to PIKNIK Cafe?
Better think twice, because you dont want to be treated with no respects and they chase you out from their shops, read this post and all of you would understand.