Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Les Deux Garcons Bangsar

lovely cake boutique. each cake is carefully crafted. i believe limited pieces are sold each day from 12pm-8pm so be there early to get the cake you want. I would sugges to eat the cake then and there. not take away. it gets really sweet and melted if  choose to go.

cake of the month - there is almond inside. its super crispy. lovely

Le Marquis RM13 Hazelnut dacquoise, crispy feulletine, chocolate cream, 66% dark chocolate mousse. Best combine with Coffee:) Lovely and rich

Passion Rm13. this has to be my favourite. because its so refreshing and a standout among all. Many says its sour. not for me. its just nice. Jaconde base, silky passion fruit mousse and mango coulis.

i tried dark chocolate and salty caramel macaroons they are delicious. best of all, not sweet.i hate sweet macaroons.

Le Favori Rm15 pistachio Biscuit Pate a choux, raspberry brukee and pistachio mousseline. definately an interesting combination. the entire combo is just nice. not Rich, its very calming and goes well with tea

Le Bel Ami Rm14 chocolate Casis Mousse, Cassis Creameux and Jaconde Base. Lovely Lovely Lovely Yums:)

L'aveline Rm12 Hazel nut dacquiose cake, topping of noisette praline, and fresh berries. another uniquely yums one.

this one is a lil too sweet for me. mango with salted caramel and nuts
chocolate..full of them. i do enjoy this one

La Duchesse Rm14 Earl Grey biscuit tender, milk chocolate ganache and earl grey mousseline. this one was interestingly aromatic, goes well with a cup of tea. probably least of my favourite among all. not that its not nice, just all was so nice i had to choose the favs ones next time not to go over calories.
La diva- layered with raspberry joconde, raspberry ganache , raspberry and raspberry coulis.
Tarte au citron- crispy tart, layered with joconde and sour lemon curd .

this one was rm22 almond tart with white truffle. it was alchohol taste . it does not look like the picture ok. i put it in a box , while driving the box flipped:P

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