Monday, November 7, 2011


ok so i read from other blog that this cake is made daily and the cream inside was made from fresh milk. you need to call a day earlier atleast to order. it cost rm14.80 per box and comes in either original or strawberry flavour. i just tried ori and review on straberry was not as good. first bite - it was sweet and soft. was ok for me. but then yuo started wanting more, and the more you eat it, the tastier is gets! man! magic! haha. well, i am on a diet so this comes once in a blue moon. as for the mix nut tart below , absolutely worth the price and pack with good fats. plenty of almond and macademia to name a few. still, dont over eat it. nuts are high in calories. from left to right on the below picture is salted cheese stick. (not to my liking), then its my all time favourite french cheese! its one of the best. then is an ok crossoint for me. and egg tart is soft but too sweet for my liking.
tiramisu in a cup i worth the price at only rm5.90 its fluffy. milan biscuit is nothing special. just sugar

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