Sunday, November 27, 2011

Allo Paris - Ritze Perdana 2 Wan's corner

A new place with very nice ambiance ,good food and really affordable on my to be back for more list. Located at Ritze perdana 2 (damansara perdana) Wan's corner, introducing Allo paris. Interior is spacey , cozy and sleek With a few different type of Eiffel Tower poster in and around the restaurant and the lighting makes it even more sophisticated.
this spidey shape lamp is innovative

and you would not miss being serve plain water in Eiffel tower glass bottle

and so food came and first was french onion soup. the soup is simple, is tasty and the cheese and bread really makes a huge different. it adds on alot of aroma to the soup . I love that cheesy taste with a simple soup. for RM6.90next up i think is one of my favourite - seaweed cream pasta. the thing about creamy sauce is it can get abit too heavy. but not this one. this is absolutely just nice. spot on. Rm12.90then came tuna loin aka Ahikatsu. A very healthy dish at RM15.90 RM24.90 lamb loin aka Green Eggs N Lamb. Lamb is tender and who would have thought it goes so well with mashed Yam.
RM12.90 steak sand which. I love the very crunchy toasted bread. man the bread is juicy:)very nice cappuccino with very cute coffee art at RM5.90and with this few;) allo paris is located beside a luxury car show room hence its a pluswith also RM7.90 milkshake its absolutely lovely. i always love caramel and this blend is nice. i would probably prefer a whipped cream that is not over power with coconut smell. its a worth to visit again restaurant regardless if you are there to chill, to chit chat, for business, family, it all fits in.
ON our second visit we had :Chicken with mushroom is healthy and yummy
FIsh and Chips

Balsamic Chicken with Yam paste

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