Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Mori SS2

pass by few times and finally decided to step in today, a little cheat day for me. found out they have great cariety of pastry and a samll cozy dine in area.

i was told by the crew this is their best seller. with double ham and cheese inside. was normal for me.
cheese cake was really good. simple and nice

i find their mille danish is not standardize. Ss2 branch serve this danish like heaven and must have for me but ss15 branch ones seems blant and not crispy at all.

coffee cake was normal sponge and creme

raspberry cheese mousse is very good!

tiramisu was ok. no complain

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capuccino - was huge compare to other coffee chain. i felt more like a latte as it has way too much milk

this one made with battered egg yolk looks interesting. i tried and it was freaking sweet for me. took a small bite and thats it
this one is call sweet heart which is coffee and winder melon. not my pick because coffee should be made original. too colorful kills the originality
seaweed chicken floss bun was normal.
kudos to the packaging. was a very good gift option

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