Thursday, September 6, 2012

Betty's Midwest Kitchen PJU

has you walk pass the quiet row, you realise this restaurant has more partons than others and with people waiting outside . they do not take resevation and only will serve when everyone in a group arrives. food was served fast so that was a plus point. wifi was a dissapointment. the above highlight ...omg dog food is freaking good!

soup was home cook sort of feeling so no complain

pork chop however was really hard. not my fav

short ribs was superb and tender. very good

sausage was not my fav

fried chicken was normal

i here by introduce you the dog food! too good!

pig in the blanket was not my fav either. i just dont like this sort of food.

salad was good. oh wow so they have salad?:P

i din get to try this one.

baby back ribs was really good and solid!

beer battered boston butt is really tender and juicy.

meatload is quite good!

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