Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Remember one two six restaurant 126-Genting Sempah/Janda Baik

During our CPR training last Tuesday, Daniel suggested that take a 45min road trip to genting sempah/janda baik for lunch. So here we are! at restaurant 126. Us with souvenirs from Grace all the way from Vietnam.Grace and her kids.Chinese Herbal Tin Chat's leaf.(pseudo ginseng) very crispy like Japanese seaweed.Fried pork belly with veg! century egg+ salted egg+chicken egg steam!Tofu with fish paste soup. Papah fish. this is a very fierce fish. its tongue taste best! Steam Chicken.Sweet and sour fish paste with mushroom. Did you enjoy?

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Anonymous said...

We ordered steam patin fish, sweet n sour pork and stir fried vege.

Here r wat we found, d steam batin fish was not fresh n pricey. Sweet n sour pork was slightly softer than d rock, v din finish it. D only food cud up to d mark is d vege.

V honestly not recommend anyone to visit ray restaurant for a good meal.