Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kota Damansara

SInce 1973!. no i have not been to the kampung baru original branch but i have heard that their NAsi lemak is good. However it took me awhile to step in to their franchise as most blog review are quit negative. But still today i decided to give it a you see a picture of their original branch in kampung baruthe interiorThe food. in the franchise you order from the waiter.plain nasi lemak price at RM2.95. i think the price is very reasonable. Nasi lemak is serve hot so its nice.paru and ayam rendang price at rm2.95 and rm3.95. i am not a fan of paru. just wanted to try. was ok. abit rubbery. ayam rendang is kinda sweet for me.sambal sotong. first bite the texture was like rubber. then it was better.cucur udang. not bad just too oily for me oh i love this one pisang in bali style. love the gula melaka that goes with it.Rm2.50 each

cokodok pisang was niceeeee rm2.50 only

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