Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lot 10 Hutong

Hey foodie! this is a place where you get to taste some of the very nice and famous food. located at lot 10.

Song Kee Beef Noodle which i absolutely luvvvvvvv the soup.

Luk Yu Tea house which has an outlet at Starhill Gallery. I tried their Char Siew Bao and it was fantastic! Then you have a ver long que ss2 Ho weng kee won ton mee. Char siew was slice to perfection.

Singapore Kong Tai Fried Oyster
QQ Mua chi is absolutely bouncy!

chee cheong fun was really smooth ! a must try!
Mo Sang Kor BKT at RM16, i think is abit pricyDuck King is also there.....
Asian celebrity food critic Mr. Chua Lam was there for the opening ceremony.

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