Sunday, July 1, 2012

Le Midi BSC

i did not realise there was a hidden corner at BSC with few unique restaurant there. as we have just filled our stomach at the other restaurant, we walked pass and was attracted by the view where it over sees klcc and kl tower. we then check the menu and a friendly staff HO, can out to tell us a little about this place. as we said our stomach are filled HO, suggested we grab dessert instead. and i was tempted by the view and tiramisu! so i wanted to seat at the table where i can have a direct view to klcc and kl tower but HO insist we sat at another table where he was absolutely right! check out below 2 picture! the japanese jelly fish, swimming beside me! i was mesmerize by it. felt so relax. HO told us he has to change the water every 3-4 days i think but it was beautiful.. music was great too. you just dont want to leave! i would come again for the environment!

i ordered crepe suzette and manager cooks in live for us


crepe suzette

ice peach tea is very good!

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