Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yu Ai Restaurant

I used to visit their segambut branch few years back, infact i still prefer that branch because the environment is more authentic. BUt since segambut is slightly far for me, I decided to head to the ss2 branch. Food still taste the same. as you can see, bucket of seafood being place in the restaurant

FOr RM15(small bowl) or RM17(Large Bowl) you get tones of seafood which include Lala, prawv, fish, sotong and Hoe xi. Soup base range from Tom Yam, Clear Soup or curry. I used to love the clear soup one but as age caught up, i think i love abit of spice so now my vote goes to tom yam flavour. absolutely mouth watering. And if you think Rm15 and RM17 is too pricy, you can also op for the Rm6.50 normal noodle soup minus all the seafood.

Below picture shows their seganbut branch direction
Main Shop

No42, Jalan Segambut Utara, 51200 KL



PJ SS2 Branch

No.58, Jalan ss2/10,47300 ,PJ



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