Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lam Mee Ya

First time paying my visit to Lam Mee Ya after viewing Adrian's post. i actually ordered most of the things he ordered. MUst have is their Mocha.First up at RM12.80 is Original Beef Lam mee. Taste well with the chili. Beef is tender and soft.Up next is RM7.80 is Duck Egg fried Kuey Teow. Nice! the Chinese way. Don't really know is duck egg if they dint mentionThis below dish sweet and sour pork is a must try at RM8.80. its been awhile i have sweet and sour pork like these. crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Watercress soup at RM7.80. not bad.

Ah Lam Mocha at RM5.40. this drink is really thick! good one for mocha lovers.
salted chicken with ginger


This on below is royal milk tea at Rm5.40. nice and smooth. I still prefer Kim Gary ones but this one is actually quite good. i am starting to like it.

Lam Mee Ya
Empire Shopping Mall

Subang Jaya

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