Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kampachi Equitorial and Snow Flake

After a month long waiting, finally we get to Kampachi for their every Saturday ala carte buffet. May i recommend anyone who is into Japanese buffet that Kampachi is a must go. To me they have one of the finest quality of food. I personally enjoy the beef tepanyaki, beef sukiyaki, home made green tea ice cream, grilled salmon(ask for the belly part)shahimi was really fresh, mochi........etc .you won't regret it. The only let down today was we were being serve by a waiter which was on his second day training, so food was kinda slow and order just dint arrive. but after we complain, they let Nila, an experience senior there to serve us and all was great. it was like my 5Th time there but this round i recommended it to fellow gx peeps to go there for a try. Saturday ala carte buffet cost RM80 while Sunday self service buffet cost RM75. in my must have list - beef sukiyaki, chef made greentea ice cream with red bean, grilled beef and grilled salmon belly.

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